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Welcome to My Chicken Diaries

...where we do chickens for fun and eggs        



Coming March 28, April 3 and 4 our annual On-the-Farm Egg Hunts
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Adventuring into the chicken yard is fun and educational

Chicken Yard Tours
As winter settles in, we take a little break from Egg-Ceptional Observations Tours during December and January and start up again in February

As you make plans for the new year, we hope you'll include an  Egg-Ceptional Observations Chicken Yard Tours  or Chickadoo Suz storytime in your mix of eggciting adventures. 

Tours are available mornings and afternoons for groups up to 25.  For more information contact us by email or call 281.756.0616 x4

Chickadoo Suz and her feathered friends will travel to your location to regale you with tales of tails and so much more.   




Give a Cluck, Give a Crow

Stay in touch, share a smile, eggstend a caring sentiment by sending a personal note with our whimsical note cards or photo greeting cards

Great and Small Cards
Soulful Chicks  Note Cards


A Real Eggs-Ploration
When school group come to meet the chickens, we have fun henventing new activities.  

For this Houston Heights home schoolers' field trip, we hatched a eggs-periment using goose, duck, turkey and chicken eggs.

First, each student, with some help from their parent, made an egg data matrix where they recorded the size, color, length, shape of the various eggs.  Next we cracked the eggs and compared the yolks and whites.  Lastly we scrambled them up and tasted the differences.  

How did they taste?  Turkey eggs were "smooth", duck eggs "extra yellow" and goose eggs had "a lot of texture".


Biodiversity Thrives
Walking through the chicken yard is an interesting lesson in biodiversity or how life is naturally different. 

Differences can be as subtle as the varied combs and feathers on Kiva, an Ameraucana rooster, and his hen friends (l to r) Craddock, a mixed breed, Zima, a Golden Campine, Gayla, a Golden Laced Wyandotte, and Omara & Hermione, White Leghorns.

Or biodiversity can be as widespread as the bountiful plants and trees around us and the languages we speak.  Where do you see biodiversity today?



Happy to See Frogs
We like finding frogs in the chicken yard.  Frogs, and other amphibians, require a deleicate ecoloigical balance in which to survive.  Frogs living with our animals says we have done a good job creating balance for all.



More Fun & Games
Fun and games wait on pages throughout our website.

Have fun eggsploring on your own or use our game guide on Fun, Games & Holidays and hatch some eggstra happiness in your day  

All games are now pop-up pdf files so you can more easily see and play them.


Fun Chicken Tour Birthday Parties 
Taylor first visited My Chicken Diaries with her Daisy Girl Scout troop to earn the Egg-Ceptional Observations patch.  

Months later when it came time to celebrate her birthday (or hatchday as we call them on the farm), she chose an Egg-Ceptional On the Farm birthday party.  Among the fun activities Taylor's birthday guests enjoyed, petting and feeding the flock, and holding the young chicks were among their favorites.

Adults have birthday fun on the farm, too! Barb Arbuckle, a Facebook fan of Lenny, the Donkey, had a "Meet Lenny" birthday party.

Barb's birthday guests had a lot of fun walking the farm with Lenny.  After refreshments, they had fun with arts and crafts.  It was quite a memorable on the farm birthday party.


My Chicken Diaries

Chickens are our passion
Education is our mission

Welcome to My Chicken Diaries.

Founded in 2001, My Chicken Diaries is a three acre, family owned and operated, no-kill farm located in northern Brazoria County, Texas.

Our mission is to express what is alive in us through agri-education and service to our community.  We teach children and adults about the joys of chickens and country living.  We also strive to foster an understanding of the connection between the animals they meet on the farm and the eggs on their breakfast table.

Before sending eager young egg hunters out to find farm fresh eggs, Rooster Ron gives instructions and egg-finding tips.

We offer educational opportunities through hands-on, interactive chicken yard tours, community story-telling sessions, public appearances and classes.  You'll also find a variety of entertaining and educational materials found on our website.  Here's a quick link to dozens of games and puzzles scattered through our pages.

Coming soon -   Egg-Ceptionally Yours Egg Hunts 2015

Our passion is in working with kids: home schools, pre-school classes, church groups, and scout troops.  We appreciate the opportunity to enrich the lives of those who visit our farm, those we meet on our journeys as well as the lives of the animals entrusted to our care.

 We measure our success by the smiles we hatch on the faces of our students and visitors. They are the best compliments in the world.  Adding your smile just makes the world that much better.

Thanks for stopping to roost.  Tell your fowl friends and chicken lovers about our site and join us on Facebook where something new is always hatching.

                Forever Fowl, 

                                    Rooster Ron and Chickadoo Suz

Eggspanded Adventures

For years, parents have asked if we could come up with something specifically for Cub and Boy Scouts the way we have the Egg-Ceptional Observations patch for Girl Scouts. We thought it was a great idea!

We're please to share that Eagle Scout Rooster Ron with support from the Boy Scout Bay Area Council is now offering the NEW Egg-Ceptional Eggs-Perience BSA patch.  

rd bsa   
The last step in completing the Egg-Ceptional Eggs-perience Boy Scout patch is to tell a story about the chicken each scout invents during arts and crafts.

To eggs-plore patch opportunities for your troop or pack, please contact Chickadoo Suz or Rooster Ron  through our feedback page, by calling 281.756.0616 or emailing for more information.


bsa gs




There's so much that can be learned about chickens in the Egg-Ceptional Observations Classroom!

    >How are chicken and human bodies the same and different?  
    >Have you ever held a goose or turkey egg?
   >How about inventing a chicken using recycled household items?
   >Did you know chickens come from all around the world
    >Or that mother hens sit on their eggs for 21 days to hatch them?  

Chickadoo Suz teaches a troop of Daisies about eggs becoming chicks
photo by Daisy parent, Jason Moss 

My Chicken Diaries was proud to participate in NASA's Space Center Houston Earth Day education activities.  Our topic - ways to keep a flock of chickens while honoring the earth with sustainable practices.  We talked about using nematodes, fly-eating gnats, composting and diatomaceous earth as alternatives to insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers and poisons. We brought a variety of chicken photos, eggs and games as well as shared a few stories fresh from the farm.  

Chickadoo Suz and some Q&A fun at NASA's Space Center Houston

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Jack and his parents, Chickadoo Suz and her feathered ambassadors (four live chickens), entertained and educated the Woodrow Wilson Montesorri School's kindergarten classes. Kids and teachers touched farm eggs, pet the chickens and learned about the life cycle from egg to chick to adult.  They were both great listeners and eager question askers. If you have an event that could use a little fowl introduction, contact us




"If I could make anything grow on trees, it would be kindness.
Kindness feels good to both the giver and the receiver. Never can have too much of it."            Suzanne


Spreading Fowl Knowledge
Suzanne has been henvited to present in Ring Neighborhood Library's Sustainable Savings series on March31 5:30 - 6:30 pm. (See flyer)

"She will bring you up to date in the latest in raising chickens and what you can do in your own neighborhood to raise and nourish these fabulous animals.."

For more information, contact Katherine Thomas, Houston Public Library, 832-393-2000. 


Weather in December and January has often been cold and rainy and not ideal for visiting My Chicken Diaries. But, come springtime (our first trees bud in February). we're ready with many fun farm activities. Save the Date, for these upcoming 2015 My Chicken Diaries events:

February 14 - Egg-Ceptional Chicken Yard tours start again.  (contact us for reservations)

March 14 - Spring Creating in the Country, a day in the country for women

March 28, April 3 & 4 - Annual On-the-Farm Egg Hunts morning and afternoon

Plus, we'll continue to take our fowl education on the road, sharing at various community events.

For more information, please contact us.



We're often asked why we're a no-kill farm

1. The "girls" labor for years to provide food (eggs) for us and we honor their contribution by feeding and caring for them even as their productivity declines, much like society does for us.  It is how we say thank you for what they've shared with us.

2. Our animals form bonds and friendships.  They are part of our family and through the years, and through their lives, we collect and share stories about their lives and personalities.  (You should see them snuggle Suzanne when she returns from a trip.  Baby, our white turkey, crawls in her lap and sits, thus her name Baby.)

3. We are big hearted and could never intentionally take the life of even one of our feathered "children".  Whenever possible we trap predators and rodents and re-home them or use other deterrents to discourage them from coming here.

4. Even medically necessary euthanasia, albeit rare, is a very difficult decision to make and and even more difficult action to take. We choose it when there seems no alternative.

5. The sacred is in all things. We strive to live in community with it, not in dominion over it. 

6.  There is no need to kill.  There are many other food options available. 




 Patsy and her adopted son, Flip

Cheep Cluck Crow
Periodically, we share farm happenings and event through an online newsletter. 

Our latest newsletter features the story of Patsy and Flip, a story of motherly love chicken-style.

Henjoy past newsletters

To join our newsletter list


mc egg

People are a lot like eggs.  
On the outside, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.
But, on the inside, they all have a heart of gold.  

Put an egg-stra cluck in someone's day - share your heart of gold.



Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher
Rooster Ron retired from full-time teaching.  Now that he's published his first novel, The Nickel Bag, he's teaching in the chicken yard.  His favorite topic is  how do chickens and people eat differently.  It's hands on and very educational!




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People are a lot like eggs.

On the outside they are all different shapes, sizes and colors,

but on the inside, they all have a heart of gold.


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