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The Diaries

poems, essays, humor, stories from life with chickens 

Storybook Wall Calendar
The annual My Chicken Diaries is also a collection of stories.  For eachof the 12 featured motnhly celebrities, their story vignette appears below their pictures.  

Read their stories... 


The Insomniac Rooster
What do you do with a over reactive rooster? 


Salute to Claudette
Cute with her chumpy, cheek muffs and very feathery legs and feet, you stole my heart from the start.


A Prayer in 5 Parts
Spiritually inspired poem read for the Heart Anthology. 
an interfaith eveningfull of heart and art


Peaches for Breakfast
Family story of peachy generosity and joy it brings,illustrated with chicken yard pictures  


Don't Call Me Disabled
A short poem of motivation and inspiration
available in print


McKenna's Busy Day
True story written by McKenna and Grandma Chickadoo
available in our online store 


A Japanese saying for writers that is based on a chick scratching inside the shell and the mother pecking outside available in print.


Training a Cockerel
It's not as bad as herding cats, but it takes time 




The Diaries Part of My Chicken Diaries

Vignettes, essays. blogs, stories, poems and more - these are the heart and soul of My Chicken Diaries.  

Life with and more than a decade of caring for our flock has been filled with moments of joy and sadness, fear and celebration.  Individually and collectively they are inspired me to write, record, tell and re-tell of our farm life and adventures.

Coonected to  the pictures on this page are a collection of writings. Humorous, inspirational, heart-gripping and just all round varied, but related to chickens and the amazing world of nature in which we all live.

To enjoy the colection, click on the picture and a pdf file will open for your reading pleasure.

Read something you enjoy, something that touches or inspires you? We love to know that.  We invite you to use our feedback page to share your sentiments.

 May peace be your journey and may your nest be always well-feathered,




Fine Feathered Fiction

The ubiquitous chicken touches nearly every aspect of our lives, even literature.

Fluff your wings, stretch your legs, the matching game below features sixteen fictional chickens or poulty.   Match the character's name in the left column with the description on the right.  

How many the books with these chickens have you read?  Do you have a favorite?


click on the game for a larger version

During her summer vacation from Germany, Annika visited My Chicken Diaries with her Grandmother.  She later drew this lovely thank you note

Henspired to Write, Draw or Create?

If you feel inspired to write, draw or otherwise create after time at My Chicken Diaries, we'd love to see it and share it on our webpage, if you agree.


Do you speak chicken?
The ubiquitous chicken is part of nearly every country and every culture in the world.  So much so that chickens are part of our daily speech.  

We've found 60 common sayings that  refer to chickens.  How many of them do you know?  How many do you use on a daily basis?




Short, soulful poem



A spring poem written for my mother 


And I cry again
Every life is precious and losing even one is sad


Why Not to Keep Chickens as House Pets
A light David Letterman-style top 10 list 


When tragedy stuck the chicken yard, shed tears lead to healing


Eggspress Yourself
Send a special card with your personal message or greetings to a friend with My Chicken Diaries note cards. 


ted lana

Ted and Lana

Ted and Lana have been sleepingon the back porch...



Sometimes an off-the-cuff remark spurs a poetic response


When I'm asked where I attend church  
I answer I attend the Church of the Holy

also might enjoy Church of the Holy Chicken NPR essay


Duckling's First Swim
Growing up with chicks, Katy lives a different life 


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