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Egg-Ceptional Chicken Yard Tours

are hands-on entertainment for the whole family

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Inviting budding young artists, curious youngsters and inquisitive kids to share three hours of fun on the farm meeting the animals and doing arts and crafts. 

Similar to the Egg-Ceptional Observations tours, Art on the Farm is also for kids to share with their families.  Each Art on the Farm event has a special theme and arts and crafts project.  

In the spring we always have on the farm egg hunts. 2014 egg hunting fun will be April 12 & April 18.

Art on the Farm continues on June 8 as we explore life in the chicken yard after dark.  

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February through September, we usually have Mama Hens raising chicks in the chicken yard.

Art on the Farm is open to all kids ages 3 and older.  Individual participants as well as groups are welcome. Lead by  Chickadoo Suz, Roving Chicken Story-Teller, Art on the Farm also lasts about 3 hours.  




Scouts can earn patches



Chickadoo Suz,
Roving Chicken Story-Teller

Want to learn about chickens, but don't think you can make it out to My Chicken Diaries for a tour?  Invite Chickadoo Suz, Roving Chicken Story-Teller and a few of her her feathered ambassadors to come to you.



Earning her Egg-Ceptional Observations Patch,
Btownie Scout, Chloe, holds and feeds Wesley. 

We love myth busting!

Sometimes people arrive thinking all roosters are aggressive and mean. Wesley, a mixed breed rooster, is like all our chickens.  He was raised here on the farm since he was a newly hatched.  

Wesley has been held and often hand fed ever since he was hatched as part of a 2nd grade science project.  He knows people as only kind and gentle and enjoys visiting with tour guests.


Tours are fun for the whole family. 
While accompanying his daughter on a tour, Jonah feeds and pets Razor Goose  



Henspired by his Chicken Yard Tours, young artist Elliot drew this awesome picture.  We're honored that he shared it with us. We proudly hang it in the Art Room.


Eggs-ploring the Chicken Yard

The animals have the tour memorized.  They know that when we get to the outdoor classroom area, they get fed.  


First stop is meeting Lenny, the sweetest donkey in the world.  

You will be giving the choice to pet him, or to just watch while others pet him.  You'll also be given the choice to pet him later if case you need some time to think about it.

pet turkey 

As we eggs-plore the chicken yard, we meet a variety of animals of different sizes, shapes and species.  We stop to learn about turkeys, petting their feathers and rubbin the bumpy heads.

sk demo

We learn about where and how the chickens eat and sleep and how, through bio-diversity, their anatomy differs from ours and why we're made the way we are.



Whether from a cup or from your hand, everyone, kids and adults alike, are offered the opportunity to feed the flock. 

feed naeve


XXL Hands-on Eggs-periment

When a turkey egg is as big as an half pound goose egg, something special has happened.

For a home school group on a chicken yard field trip, the extra large turkey egg became an eggciting science experiment. First, they formed possible hypotheses as to the nature of and reasons for the turkey egg being so unusually large.

Next, they tested their XXL egg hypotheses by cracking it open to see what was inside. The hypothesis that the egg was XXL because it had two yolks proved correct.


Having cracked the secret to the large egg, the students studied egg anatomy, identifying the albumen, membrane, yolk, etc. They also learned the albumen (the egg white) becomes the baby and the yolk provides a few days of food for the newly hatched baby.

Egg-centric learning all the way!

My, oh my, what fun! Chick out our youtube video debut in this chick flick by Texas Chronicles: History, Mystery and Adventure.


Egg-Ceptional Observations Chicken Yard Tours for Kids
(and their families)

What's a chicken yard tour?
In short, a My Chicken Diaries Chicken Yard Tour  is a fun and educational time learning and exploring on a small, no-kill, working farm located in Northern Brazoria Countty, Texas, 30 miles south of Houston, TX.  

It's an ideal time to learn about the animals who live here; we have more than just chickens.  We also have turkeys, geese, guineas, ducks, a donkey and a goat.  All live in the chicken yard and are part of a chicken yard tour.
What do we do on a Chicken Yard Tour?
Above all else,  My Chicken Diaries Chicken Yard Tours are fun!  Fun for the kids and for their families and accompanying adults.
All tours are lead by Rooster Ron (Ron Doak) and/or Chickadoo Suz (Suzanne King).
Tours include three basic activities: classroom discussion, hands-on chicken yard eggs-perience, and art & creative eggs-pression.


Keywords for a successful tour
We use four simple words for our time together:  Respect, Safety, Choice and Fun. 
   Respect for all animals, people and property.
   Safety by following instructions in and out of the chicken yard,
   Each person has a choice to participate in an activity or not, and  
   Fun for both the kids and adults as we explore and learn together.

Supervision requirements for Tours
We follow Scout Safety Wise standards for minimum accompanying adult supervision.     More supervising adults are welcome.             
       1 adults for every  2 children ages 3 & 4
       2 adults for every  5 children Kindergarten/Daisies
       2 adults for every 12 children grades 1 - 3/Brownies/Tiger/Wolf/Bear
       2 adults for every 16 children grades 4 -6/Juniors/Webelos
       2 adults for every 20 children grades 7&8/Cadettes/Boy Scouts

There is no fee for supervising adults. Accompanying adults standards apply to added tag-alongs and siblings, too.   

Breaking It Down
Tours last about three hours. Breaking the tour into time slots, a tour goes like this:

In the classroom, Ana learns about chickens from around the world

1. Intro & Classroom Learning  30 minutes
Tours start in our classroom where Chickadoo Suz, in costume, greets your group.  We discuss topics such as bio-security (germ prevention), eggs & bio-diversity.


Feeding the chickens is a fun time for people and animals alike

2. Hands-on Chicken Yard Eggs-perience  45 min - 1 hr.
Inside the chicken yard, the tour follows a circular path with stops at the chicken's feed station, watering spots, donkey's pen, trees of different chicken social groups, chicken houses and shaded sitting areas. All members of the group are asked to stay together for safety and ease.

We also have a donkey, a goatducks, geese, turkeys and guineas.  
Meeting and greeting them is also part of the tour.


avery feathers
Avery finds feathers to use as examples
during our conversation about feathers

During the chicken yard eggs-perience, we cover topics such as:
    What do they eat? 
    How are chicks hatched?
    Why do feathers have several shapes?
    Looking at the chickens, in what ways do they look different from one another?
    How are chicken like and different from people?
    Every child is given an opportunity to hold, pet and feed a chicken.


Bring your own refreshments.
Celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a picnic lunch

 3. Refreshments 15 - 30 minutes
After time in the chicken yard, is a good time for snacks or sack lunches and drink. 
You bring your choice of food and drinks and we'll provide tables and chairs.


The arts and crafts area offers a large variety of supplies and recylced items to encouarge wild imaginations and creatively invented art.

4.  Strut Your Stuff with Artistic Eggs-Pression - 45 min - 1 hr 
Every kid is asked to create a chicken (or other selected arts & craft project)
Our classroom is stocked with a variety of papers, fabrics, ribbons, glitter, pine cones, etc, and they can use them as their imagination leads them. This is a really fun time and rarely have two chickens looked the same!
Even with adult oversight and supervision, from start to clean-up, Creating a Chicken or other Arts & Craft Project easily takes 45 minutes. If you have tight time limits, let me know so we're sure to be mindful of the time.

Sofia invented a chicken. Her impromptu story
tells of her hen with heart shaped feathers
and her heart shaped eggs in the cup

5. Sharing YOUR Stories - 20 min.
We wrap up the day's chicken adventure with Public Speaking.  With their new art-fowl creation in hand, the kids invents a story about their new "fowl creation" and shares it with the group. 


Kristi Moss, her Daisy Scout troop and siblings filled the farm with smiles
and laughter during their fall tour

6. Time to Say Goodbye
We close our time together by putting away any remaining craft supplies, gathering personal belongings, and receiving a My Chicken Diaries souvenir from Chickadoo Suz, group photos (optional), and goodbyes.

We are located at 10725 Leslie Lane (CR544B), Manvel TX 77578

Contact Suzanne or Ron 281.756.0616

Tours are offered 7 days a week by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Tour times are 9-noon, 10am-1pm and 2-5pm.

Kids' Tour Cost is $15/child.  Assisting adults participate free.
Cash or check accepted.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.

Minimum tour age: 3 yrs old 

Click for printable Egg-Ceptional Observations Flyer)



rd sk

Your Hosts

Rooster Ron (Ron Doak) and Chickadoo Suz (Suzanne King) are the small business owners of My Chicken Diaries.  They both have been educating and volunteering with children's activities for decades.

Read more about them... 

ron mck

Education is our mission.

It's predicted that by 2050, 70% of the world's population will reside in urban areas.
And, already, in the US more people are in prison than are now farming the land.  A sad reversal in demographics and agricultural tends.

My Chicken Diaries offers Guided Chicken Yard Tours for kids (and adults).

to promote and sustain "a connection between the land, the ways and means of food production and today's urbanites that has existed throughout human history and helping our agrarian legacy to carry on."


No matter the question, Chickadoo Suz and Rooster Ron will do their best to answer it

Chicken Yard Tour FAQ

1.  Is a Chicken Yard Tour both entertaining and educational?
All tours are geared to the age of the kids and the size of the group.  The older the group the more indepth the information and complex the hands-on opportunities. 

Through discussions, hands-on and interactive activities we discuss topics in biology, geography, history, science, anatomy, art, genetics, creative expression and public speaking.

Kids (and adults) are continually encourageds to join in thoughtful, educational, and entertaining conversations.

2. Can you give examples of the questions Chickadoo Suz and Rooster Ron ask? (and, of course, help answer, too)

  •     How are roosters and hens different (just the basics)?
  •     How are chickens different from us and other animals?
  •     Can you tell one chicken from another?
  •     Touch a feather.  What part is soft or stiff and why? 
  •     Find a feather in the chicken yard. Looking at its shape and design, which bird and what part of the body is the feather from?
  •     What does a chicken eat?  
  •     How does it digests food (gizzard)? Rooster Ron loves this topic!!
  •     Where and when hens lay eggs?

Depending upon the kids' ages, we might expand our discussions into physical and social differences between a rooster and a hen. the biological process involved in changing from a fertilized egg to adult chicken,  etc. 

3.  What's it like being in a chicken yard?
A chicken yard tour is a treat for the senses - hearing, sight, touch, and speech.

  •     See the chickens eat  from the cup of food given to each kid or from their hand. 
  •    Listen to the sounds of the chicken yard - roosters crows, ducks quacking, hens clucking, etc.  How are the sounds different from where you live? Can you mimic any of them?
  •     Touch the feathers on a chicken, a goose and a turkey.  How do they feel different from one another. Now touch Billy's or Lenny's fur.  How is it different and why?  
  •     Stop, take a deep breathe and consider how country air is different from the smell of the air in their neighborhood.

4.  What if our group has some special topics we would like to cover, can we cover them, too?

If there is special topics you would like covered or specific educational materials you would like to use with your group, you are welcome to use your time in the chicken yard as an outside classroom setting to cover them.

Rooster Ron and Chickadoo Suz will also assist you in covering topics of special interest to you.  Let's discuss these when you schedule your tour, please. 

5.  Are we in the sun all the time?
We are in the sun at times, but not all the time.  We are outisde and in the sun/weather for about an hour while we tour the chicken yard itself.  We have sheltered and shaded areas built into the tour to provide as much relief as possible.

The main classroom is in a large chickified room in the garage.  Restrooms and kitchen are also available, making clean-up after the chicken yard quick and easy.  The classroom is not heated or air conditioned, so please dress for your comfort level.

The outdoors chicken yard "classroom" consists for a glider, 3 large wooden benches and a variety of chairs. We can seat 20-25 people in this area.  It is well shaded in the summer and provides a nice place for chicken yard discussions and hands-on learning.

 6. What animals will we see? 
Chickens & bantams (miniature chickens)
Ducks & Geese
Guinea fowl,
William P Goat  and Lenny, the Donkey.

7. Who can participate in Chicken Yard Tours 

  • There is no maximum age.
  • Groups of 15 or fewer Pre-school kids or
  • Groups of 25 or fewer school age or mixed age kids.
  • Family groups of 4 or more kids and adults

7. How many supervising and assisting adults need to come with your group?

ALL children on all My Chicken Diaries events must be accompanied by an adult. 

Pre-school Groups
For safety, your group must include a minimum of 2 supervising adult for every 3 pre-school children.
School age groups
For safety, your group must include a minimum of:  
             2 adults for every  5 or fewer Kindergarteners
             2 adults for every 12 or fewer Grades 1 - 3
             2 adults for every 16 or fewer Grades 4 -6
             2 adults for every 20 or fewer Grade 7 and above

These are our minimum standards. More supervising adults are always welcome.  

8.  How much does a tour cost?
For chidrens' tours: $15/child.  Assisting adults free.
For adult groups: $15/person

Supervising/assisting adults are required to accompany every kid's group. Supervising or assisting parents or adults participate in kid tours attend free of charge.

We accept cash or checks.  
We do not accept credit or debit cards.  

9. Can we bring food, drink, picnic lunch, etc?
Great idea! In fact, we highly recommend it.  We provide snack time tables and chairs inside and outside.

Kids are usually hungry and thirsty after their time in the chicken yard.  Something to eat and drink really helps.

Note: We don't provide or sell any food or drinks other than tap water.

10.  When do you offer tours and how long does a tour last?
We are available for tours 7 days a week, weather permitting.

All tours are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We do not offer walk-on tours or visits. 

Depending upon size and age of your group, Chicken Yard Tours last about 3 hours. 
     Morning tour times are 9-noon or 10am - 1pm 
     Afternoon tours are from 2-5.  

Please email or call Chickadoo Suz at 281.756.0616 x4 to discuss or schedule a tour.  Thank you.

11. Are there any mobility limitations?
While our property and the chicken yard path are generally flat, they do not have smooth surfaces. Loose dirt, stones, dips and pits are present. Those with limited mobility will probably require assistance or may prefer to observe the chickens from outside the chicken yard.

NOTE:  At this time, we are not able to offer a handicapped accesible restroom.  

Rooster Ron is a former Special Needs school teacher.  If you notify us of special needs before your visit, he will gladly work with you to find a tour solution that meets your needs. 

12. Where is My Chicken Diaires?  
Our 3 acre working farm is located 30 miles south of Houston, TX, in northern Brazoria County, Texas near Hwys 6 and 288.

Physical address:  10725 Leslie Lane (CR544B)
                               Manvel, TX  77578
13.  Anything else?
Closed-toe, washable shoes or boots are required for all children and all adults entering the chicken yard.  Socks are strongly encouraged. Sandals, flip-flops, etc are not allowed.  

We practice bio-security (disease prevention).  We ask all visitors to wash hands and arms with soap or hand sanitizer and to step in a bio-degradable disinfecting solution to rinse the soles of their shoes.

Each person, child and adult, is required to sign a liability waiver to participate.  This standard agreement is emailed to the adult who schedules the tour.  We ask that she/he distribute it among the group to insure that all parents have signed a waiver for their child as well as completed a waiver for him/herself if they are an accompanying adult.

We welcome Family Groups,  Scout Troops, Church Outings, Home School Classes, School Field Trips, Pre-School Excursions, Adult Gatherings, Birthday Parties and Educational Adventures.  EVERYONE is welcome!

Chickadoo Suz and Rooster Ron are also availlable to entertain at birthday parties/gatherings or as a guest or educational speaker at your event and location.


revi egg

Revi found a freshly laid egg near the tour path.  When he picked it up, he learned an egg is really warm an egg - warmer than your body.  Awesome, Revi!

animal sounds x  

Can you think of the different sounds you might hear on a farm and solve this crossword puzzle?
(click on puzzle for larger version)


Lizzie, a White Chinese Goose, honks, "Be sure you bring your camera. Photo ops abound!"


Free range chickens hunt and peck for juicy bugs, tasty grasses and flowers and enjoy tlapping their wings in the fresh country air.

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by appointment daily 9-noon & 2-5pm

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